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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Clutter Treasure

I had a great anticlutter weekend. I threw out the partially disintegrated Weber grill and the despised recliner in icky brown. I was surprised to find that someone wanted the Weber Grill as it had been collected before the Bulky Item pickup. I also went through "The Closet". I packaged up the old cookbooks I'll never use and threw away all those used vhs tapes. Just threw them away just like that. The videos, mostly exercise, I have in a box for the next pickup by Savers or whoever calls first.

I started looking at my craft books and magazines and stopped at "The Official Knit-A-Dress-A-Day Knitting Book" by Joan Rattner, Women's Editor, This Week Magazine, 1968.

The knitting is done on Reynold's Jumbo Jets-a needle with a 3 inch circumfirence. There are some for sale on Ebay.

I was thinking I don't need this book, but there is something that made me pay a $.95 for it (original price was a dollar) and I think I'll have to keep it awhile longer as it just makes me smile. It doesn't really take up much room.

Maybe I'll find some Reynold's Jumbo Jets at the swap meet or a thrift store. Who knows?


debbie said...

i need to start de-cluttering too! i can get into a "throw it away" mood, but i have been known to do a once-over of my children's trash - sometimes it seems they don't have a sentimental bone in their bodies!

keohinani said...

OMG! that knit a dress a day book is retro-fantastic! (btw, i just thought of that word.) dude, i would knit those and wear it in public :) hee hee...

candsmom said...

They look like The Charlie's Angels Do Knit! ;-) What a fun find! I wish I could de-clutter like you. I'm such a pack rat. I say it's because I'm sentimental, but really, I can't keep using that excuse to justify saving 20 year old used envelopes. :-)

Beak-Knits said...

Those dresses are so tempting...I was sitting here thinking " version for the girls? They'd love that!" when girl #1 walked in and said "Ewwww, why did they do that?"

So I guess, no dress here, but it is good to know they are preserved somewhere.