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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Cleaning up

While Lush is on the needles, I don't seem to have much to say! Is it time to "stay down" ala candsmon?

Cleaning is a perpetual task for me. I suppose if I put everything away after I was done with like my mom kept telling me, things wouldn't pile up and become that trademark clutter of mine. Oh well. Much as I aspired to live life out of a backpack and have a Spartan home, I feel better with a little chaos around me.

Periodically though, I have to clean out. When the harddrive runs slow, it's time to purge all those never used files, adware and defrag. So I'm cleaning out files on my drives and as it always happens, I run in some mp3 hiding in a strange folder. This one was just sitting on the desktop in plain site in a folder called Mix. Apparently I was going to to put this on a disk at some point.

And this is how it happens. I am now sidetracked into listening to Crosby Stills and Nash. Their music figured into a great time of my life-that 11 years I spent on the Mainland getting higher education. Aah, memories. I lived for a while in a house on Harrison Street in Denver, Colorado. I met a some fascinating people there.

I started the second front of Lush Cardigan while waiting in line for my movie, Mirrormask and it is going quickly. The sleeves next! Then what? I feel a yarncrawl coming up unless I can do the sensible thing and knit something from the stash, heh....Well, could happen :P


candsmom said...

Who needs sensible? Not us!! Yarn crawl it shall be! And I'm inviting myself along, too, hee! :-) And cleaning, shmeaning. Why bother when the forces of entropy are constantly at work? ;-) Of course, this is why no one ever gets invited to our house unless they're under 3 feet tall. It's like a reverse carnival ride rule. :-)

candsmom said...

PS: You lucky girl, you've been tagged again! Questions are on my blog- time to air out all the laundry! :-) (aka Ways to Avoid Cleaning)

keohinani said...

here here! i agree! why clean when there are much more important things to do? like knit!? ahahaa