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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Socktober Adventure

Sigh. Anyone who has knit Go With the Flow can see, that I did not pay attention to the chart and have knit all the stitches between the pukas (holes) instead of having ribbing between them. I discovered this after I had knit the whole leg and had to frog part of the turn. I contemplated what to do. Frog the whole thing and start over? Pretend I liked it that way. Make jokes about how I'll just go with the flow?

I remember when my son was young he would often wear his T shirt inside out. Now I know it wasn't because the right side was dirty. I had only sisters growing up so having boys was quite an adventure. Someone pointed out to me that some men go around with their T shirts inside out, too. Well I decided to ask my son why? He said very emphatically, "I like it that way."

I suspect the real reason he wore it inside out was that he either didn't notice it and was miffed that I would mention it, or that he was too lazy to turn it inside out. I hope he didn't really like it that way.

One of the great things about crafting is that mistakes sometimes turn out okay. I think the sock looks okay the way it is :) The yarn makes the sock fun. I only hope it fits.

I have lost the label for this yarn. I can't even remember if it had one when I got it. It was sheer impulse buying! Like that swift I just bought.

I blame work for making me read the pattern incorrectly. It couldn't be my vision, heh.


candsmom said...

It's all about spin. It's not a mistake, it's a modification- a new pattern, even! :-) I honestly think it looks great the way it is! That yarn is so pretty, it wouldn't matter what the pattern looked like. Just be sure and write down your "mistake" so you don't accidentally do the ribbing "correctly" on the next sock. Because then you couldn't be like your son and pretend you just liked it that way. ;-)

debbie said...

the sock looks kinda neat that way! nice yarn too. i'll post pic of my 'go with the flow' - there were some places that i flubbed or seemed to have twisted stitches - how, i have no idea - but i'm not a real perfectionist, and it makes the sock more 'mine like 'yours'...