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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Totoro, First Attempt

This is my first attempt at knitting Totoro. I'll make his arms are little shorter next time, and will have to work out a good foot pattern. His eyes are a challenge because they are white with black pupils. I used ultrasuede and embroidery floss for this first go around. Ultrasuede is a not that easy to sew on, and I have a thing about glue, so I will either have to find sew on eyes or so other technique. Embroidery is not one of my skills! I will try felt for his white tummy, but I think I'll knit it in next time.

All and all for first attempt, I think he's pretty cute!
The Camphor Tree


candsmom said...

Totoro turned out super cute!! Did you just wing the pattern yourself? So talented. I think the eyes turned out well, too. Is that the Totoro quilt you made with your friends? And BTW, do you ever sleep or do you just knit all night long? :-) I don't know how you manage to crank out so many FO's!

keohinani said...

oh, so adorable! i remember watching a totoro movie...but i also remember i fell asleep watching it. huh. great job!
btw, did you get a chance to check out the bead show at ward this weekend?

k said...

! I can't wait to see your next attempt - this one is adorable.


myra said...

Totoro!! I love it - sooooo cute!