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Saturday, July 02, 2016

Day 1 Tour de Fleece

I didn't join a team but plan to concentrate on spinning during the Tour de France.

I prepped some small batts using stash fiber.  Blogless Sandy loaned me a vintage Meyer drum carder that she fixed up.  I have already lacerated my finger and have paper-taped that sucker up.

The pink batts started with a lovely Corriedale braid handyed by Humaknitty.  One has chocolate alpaca and angelina added, and the other has heliotrope bamboo and mohair locks added

The other two I call Purple Chop Suey and Blue-green Chop Suey.   I used up small amounts of stash mystery fiber, mostly wool.  I started spinning Purple Chop Suey on the spotted dick midweight Bossie.  It will only be an ounce of a two ply.

Blue Green Chop Suey I plan spin on one of my drop spindles, either Turkish Dervish by Malcolm Fielding or the Tibetan Support Spindle in Beautiful Pennsylvania Spalted Curly Maple & Ipe
by Silly Salmon Designs.  My Pu-yok spindle may not make it time to try it out.

Happy Spinning! 

1 comment:

kbrow said...

Pretty, and glad to see the Bossie representing!
Drum carders are magic!

Even though I didn't intend to spin for TDF, I finished up some white Wensleydale on the visiting Ashford Traddy - I'm rehabbing it for a friend. I'm done with that, and glad of it, because I need to get back to a long-hibernating bit of Targhee on the Louet. My goal this month is to empty all my bobbins. That is a tall order. Across 2 wheels, 10 bobbins, none empty. : I