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Friday, July 08, 2016

TDF 6 and 7

 The Cashmere Queen Angora singles are resting and will be plied tomorrow.  

I am trying out this spindle made by Blogless Sandy.  Now that I've had a bit more practice on the supported spindle it is going much better.  I'm a bit tired of spinning cotton, sigh.  I want to try out all my supported spindles this Tour, even my Navajo spindle.  I think I have some churro somewhere for that day.  

For tomorrow I made probably my last batt for this tour.  I wanted to try out my new doffer from Maine Fiber Tools.  It works much better then the aluminum knitting needle.  The purple stuff is a mix of merino, alpaca, bamboo and silk.  Being lazy I ran it through the carder only twice so the spinning may be a bit lumpy with the silk top.  The merino alpaca is from Taylored Fibers and has some silk noils in it.  I decided to leave out the bling since the bamboo and silk top are both pretty shiny.

Happy spinning!

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