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Friday, July 15, 2016

TDF 9-13

Hmm, I haven't posted progress since everyday looks the same spinning up my Dr Who Inspired Tardis Superwash Merino Spinning Fiber,  hand-dyed by Woolen Mill Street Yarns.
After spinning so much cotton, the merino is just flying.  It would fly faster if I spun more hours, but I can only do so many dontcha know.

I'm over half way done and plan to N ply this.  The colors are a bit gloomy and I'm already trying to decide what to make with it and what contrasting color might go with it.  

I've gone a bit shop happy this Tour.  So far I have not purchased fiber (Jacob roving from the Irresistible Ewe) but and acquired some spinning tools and satisfied my obsession with bog oak.  My wand is in the mail.

 I ordered an Acorn style supported spindle crafted from Bubinga and Cocobolo rosewood 2.3oz
from Ghstworks. I was surprised how large it was.  One of the drawbacks of ordering online.  I was equally surprised at how well it spins.  I tried it on some Corriedale and now I have some cotton on it.  It does very well in my Malcolm Fielding hockey puck.  The support bowl fits in my kitchen cotton cone which helps me hold it on my lap.

I'm watching Harry Potter but can't find Order of the Phoenix.  I became obsessed with a Molly Weasley frill and went on a hunt for the pattern.  Alas I discovered the frill is on a whole turtleneck.  So I did a little "mini stole" with left over Tahiti.

Yarn:  Tahiti by Schachenmay, colorway Laguna.

 I love this yarn but I'm trying to stay on my yarn diet and it's not on sale anywhere.

I took a couple of days to help my cousin clean out his mother's house.  The house was abandoned 10 years ago with everything in it and utilities still running.  It's nearing the end of the cleaning ordeal for them.  I helped sort an immense pile of clothing.

There was a lot of polyester including this gem of a coat.  Lots of shoulder pads.  I hope they never come back!  Darn, I acquired some stuff.  I have a pyrex bowl addiction and acquired 3.  Also a pile of hats and some puka shells.  Now I have to work on my own house to make room for them.  It makes me think about my own "collections".

I'm traveling vicariously through social media this summer.  I'm hiking in the Alps, visiting in Costa Rica and Spain.  I've also been to New York state and Washington State. Lucky live Hawaii :)

I wonder what kind of profile the BAU would come up with on the truck murderer in Nice?
I'm so sad for the loss of life and security.

Stay safe and just keep spinning. 

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