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Saturday, July 09, 2016

TDF Day 8

The Cashmere Queen Angora is plied and drying.  It's a lace weight, about 62 gram.  Not sure if it's enough for anything.  Jarrett Flood's Woodsmoke Scarf has been in my queue forever. 

The mix is very soft.  I think I'll leave it natural. 

The purple silk/merino/alpaca was a bit of a challenge to spin.  I may have cut the silk top too short so some came out.  I can't decide whether to ply this so it will stay a single for now. 

The colors are more true on the right. 

And there was a bit more cotton.  This bead spindle works pretty well. 
The spindle was another gift from Sandy.  Thanks!

It was a beautiful day today.  There was a nice breeze and not too hot.  I never get tired of looking at the Koolaus. 

What shall I spin tomorrow? 

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