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Monday, July 04, 2016

TDF Day 3 Happy 4th of July!!

There was some excitement in France...a photo finish.  Cavendish was declared the winner!

Here it is July 4, and I'm happy just to spin away and eat cupcakes.  The cotton is endless, but now I'm spinning it on the Silly Salmon Design, Tibetan Support Spindle in Beautiful Pennsylvania Spalted Curly Maple & Ipe.
(hope that is not too many commas)  The cotton seems to take to support spindling quite well. 

The pink two ply is Corriedale handyed by Humaknitty.  I carded it with heliotrope bamboo and some mohair locks.  After spinning cotton this stuff just flew on the Majacraft Rose.  I ended up with 69 g of two ply bulky stuff.  

Still on the wheel, but nearly done is the rest of the Corriedale blended with chocolate alpaca and some angelina.  

So what will tomorrow bring?  I need a single of some kind to ply with my "art" yarn.  It has too much twist in it.  I'm thinking either a fine single or perhaps a little thick and thin.  Dunno if I should dye it before plying it.  The day after that is a mountain day.  Perhaps I'll spin a bit of angora.  I will try it on the carder and see if I can blend it with some Falkland or Merino.  

Happy Fourth of July! and Happy Spinning! 


kbrow said...

Oh my gosh, that's pretty. Aaaaaannnnd now I want a cupcake. Dang.

Jennifer said...

OMG - so cute! Where did you find that plate? It's adorable.