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Sunday, July 03, 2016

TDF Day 2

I started spinning the Rose Corriedale with heliotrope bamboo and a few locks.  It's a two ply and drying now.  I found out that some of the locks are too short and since they are slippery then come out.  I was hoping the bamboo would soften the Corriedale, but it still feels a bit pokey.

I called this mini skein Blue Green Chop Suey since it's just unmarked stuff from stash.  I added some angelina and locks.  It's a two ply aran weight.  It's very soft whatever it is.  I suspect it's merino and yak. 

This is the Purple Chop Suey mini skein.  I added some sari silk and angelina.  I believe this is mostly merino and is quite soft.  It's a two ply worsted weight. I discovered that the sari silk works better if I split up the fibers instead of leaving clumps.  I cut the strands into 2-3 inch lengths before place on the fiber sandwich.

Tomorrow the Chocolate Alpaca Rose Corriedale batt, the last of the home made ones.

My first batts are spinning quickly.  The fiber is nicely fluffed up in the process and so easy to spin! 

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