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Monday, July 25, 2016

T-shirt Yarn

One of the good things about having only sons is that the T-shirts are all large and above.  The drawback is that the colors are not usually very bright.

Number 2 son handed me a bag of shirts and I already had too many rags.  I followed this youtube.
It seemed much forgiving then making newspaper yarn like Vickie Howell
Or making fabric yarn like My Poppet.

After the deluge yesterday that was Tropical Storm Darby, the sky was blue but it was hot and muggy.  The sewing room cleaning and destashing progressed every so slowly.

I acquired a bunch of hats in the Aunty's great house destash so I've sorted them and settled on two for me and two for my sister. 3 were donated and a cute little lauhala papale was gifted to Blogless JoAnn's granddaughter.   Now to clean and repair a small hole in the straw hat.  I may need help shaping the lauhala hat but it already has a feather lei.  Years ago, in the time before always locking car doors, and before social media, a stranger slept in my car using my jacket as a pillow.  A hat was left behind with feather lei and never reclaimed.  I removed the lei and have had it stored.  I was wondering if it would be bad karma to use it, but after talking to a few people I decided it was a gift from the universe.   So it has a hat, if I can get it re-shaped to fit my puny head.

The Kon Marie method teaches that what I keep has to have a place, otherwise it or something else gotta go.  It's tough when all these treasures are coming my way.

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