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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

TDF Day 4

The ole shouders and wrists are complaining today about all the spinning  so today I only spun a little cotton and plied a skein.  I have 4 small skeins so far.  I will wait until they are done before boilling them and decided what color to dye them.  I also think to myself that this expensive (time-wise) cotton string!

I finished soaking and drying my Corriedale Chocolate alpaca 2 ply.  I added a little angelina for bling.  I rather like this one.  The dark alpaca toned down the Blushing Rose. 

Here it is compared to the skein of Corriedale with locks and bamboo.    

The last project was to prep my fiber for tomorrow's spin.  I had some leftover top from Stitches Midwest 2014 class.  It is 45% merino, 35% cashmere and 20% silk.  I tried to blend in about equal amounts of angora.  There fibers are all pretty short so it will be an interesting spin.  I can't decide where to spin it on the Majacraft or Hansen.  I think I'll shoot for a two ply fingering or less,

I ended up with about 62 grams.

It's been raining everyday making it nice to stay in, spin and watch the boob tube.  Harry Potter or maybe more Criminal Minds. 

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kbrow said...

So I guess I'm doing TDF, since I've spun every day since it started. Heh. The endless Targhee on the Louet. I'm giving the Ashford a break, while I try to finish this project, and open up a few bobbins...

You are such a cotton spinner!