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Friday, September 30, 2005

Clapotis of a jewel tone sort

Clapotis is done and it was actually cool enough to try her on! It was cloudy and overcast though, so I couldn't get a very good picture. Sigh. Well as it was adored in public at Stitch in Bitch last night, I won't worry about it. The colors make wonderful background, though.

I swapped some pastel blues for a skein of hot pink Blue Sky Cotton. Thanks keohinani!

Thanks to candsmon's suggestion I hope my comments won't get spammed by bots anymore.

Just after I had talked my self out of getting a swift, Mizuna threw gasoline on the fire. Since my morning took me to Kailua, and since I knew there was no point in calling Isle Knits, since mizuna got the last one, AND, my net searching did not produce one that I couldn't live without, I decided to check out Strictly Christmas.

Sylvia Kruse has the perfect job. She is able to get whatever books and magazines she wants, any yarn she wants, and it's always Christmas. Well, and Halloween, too, as the little figurine shows. I had to have him because he is standing on a candy corn. I walked in the door and muttered "swift", and as if by magic, she just happened to be winding some yarn on a swift. Is that karma, or what?

She offered to let me try hers any time, so I might cart my Lush off to wind into balls one of these days. She also has an electric ball winder attached to it. Her yarn is mostly geared toward lei making, eyelash stuff and Canadiana, but there were some interesting "feels" there.

I love this little corner of Kailua. The bakery next door makes great oatmeal raisin cookies, and Ace Hardware is just 1/2 block away.


candsmom said...

As I was reading, I was thinking, "OMG, she got the swift!!! After all that talk last night about NOT getting it!" You have more self-restraint than I. I would've taken it as a divine sign that mom deserved a swift. Several years back in my swinging single days, I used to live right on Oneawa, not 2 blocks away from that bakery. Their stuff is fabulous. And you're right, what a perfect job! Love the little Halloween figurine. It really was perfect weather for Clapotis's so beautiful!!

k said...

Well, you know, that's me, just flinging gasoline all over the place. ;)