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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Blog Surfing

Here's the final bag, stuffed. It doesn't look anything like the original, but boy does it stretch. I had about 1 inch of yarn as a final tail, and I really thought the handle was going to be too short. Anyway, it's a strange beast, no doubt matching my strange mood.

I went a-blog surfing yesterday and found some incredible stuff out there. There are so many creative and productive crafters out there, I am both humbled and inspired.

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candsmom said...

People out there are so talented, and that includes you! Man, you are seriously cranking out the FO's. Your turkish bag looks great, and utilitarian, to boot. I have some very unsoft wool (eBay horror story) that may work well with that pattern and make it something worthwhile. (I was thinking along the lines of cat amusement till now) That shrug is super cute, too, and I think the acrylic will work well.