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Sunday, September 04, 2005

An Earring Kind of Day

I escaped the heat and made earrings at a friends. She as AC!!! We ate homemade wonton for lunch and dipped mine in homemade koochijang (I'm not sure how to spell that)

The weird green things on the left are supposed to be crystal frogs. I really have to use my imagine to tell they are frogs. Hello Kitty will be a cel phone charm on just something to hang all sparkly on a bag. I have to redo it, as there is an error on the back side. I've used up all my metal wings.

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candsmom said...

I would just about sell my firstborn for AC right about now. Homemade wonton- what a treat! Kochoojang sounds like a yummy idea and would save me from always mixing Chinese mustard with chili/garlic sauce (and it probably tastes pretty similar, too!) The Hello Kitty charm is too cute. Great earrings!