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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Lakeside Fibers

My sister took me to Lakeside Fibers again and I enjoyed this spacious, abundant yarn and weaving shop. My Tacoma sister is very into this apple green color and it really works for her. She had fallen in love with a wonderful sweater/coat at the Puyallup Fair, made of hand spun Alpaca. The finished sweater was out of my price range $700 and I caressed the yarn with lust, but didn't get it (phew I'm not obsessing over that one). Well it must be karma, but I saw this Lush sweater in this lovely green angora/wool in Lakeside Fibers and have this project on the to do list. It is fulled slightly. I will have fun finding the perfect button.

The yarn is so soft and cuddly. Sometimes when the weather is "Kona", (kona means leeward or South) and the trade winds stop bringing stormy or hot sticky weather like now, I wish I lived in the cool Pacific Northwest and could make use of such a sweater.

More pictures of Lakeside Fibers


keohinani said...

i seriously know what you mean! i went to college in oregon for four years, and ever since i've been back, i haven't been the same. hawaii weather is nice, but i miss the cool weather and distinct seasonal changes of the pacific northwest. especially now that i knit, i miss oregon even more. :(

candsmom said...

What a beautiful apple green yarn!! And angora/wool on top of that. I'd love to fondle that one. ;-) This humidity is killing me, too. I heard it's raining cats and dogs in Kahaluu. Hope you're managing to stay dry on the Windward side!