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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Projects from the Past

I have refrained from starting any new projects since I'm leaving on a trip 9/8, so here is a project I enjoyed making in the past. During my sister's mad beanie baby addiction period, I acquired a few myself, and this squirrel was one. The sweater is New Zealand wool, knit from the top down, and while visiting my other sister in Wisconsin, I acquired the cheesehead.

He is posing on my Homespun poncho. Hmm, I have one skein left! I wonder if I can make the minisweater with it?

I have acquired a few acorns as in the picture. Acorns fascinate me to no end. They star in My Neighbor Totoro, one of my favorite movies ever, and they don't grow in Hawaii. I like to visit the Mainland in the fall when there are lots of acorns in all shapes and sizes.


candsmom said...

That decked out beanie squirrel is too much!! I think it was the cheesehead that officially put it over the edge. :-) Love it!! The little sweater is too cute. I'm not familiar with My Neighbor Totoro, but a movie with inanimate stars has to be worth the admission! Go for the minisweater- it's a great pattern and quick knit. Have a great trip...and buy LOTS of yarn!!!

keohinani said...

haha! i didn't know they made cheeseheads that small!?!? whoa. cute squirrel-wearing-a-sweater. i remember i tried hand-sewing clothes for a barbie once. uneven collar, mismatched sleeves, and bagginess pretty much discouraged me from ever sewing clothes. who knew that stuff would be "in" now?! maybe if i try to knit clothes for my teddy bears, i'll come up with something cool.

keohinani said...

*tag* you're it. you've been tagged with a meme. questions are on my blog. have fun :)
btw, where do you buy your beads from?

candsmom said...

I know you're on your trip, but when you get back, *tag**tag*'ve been DOUBLE tagged with a meme! Questions are on my blog. Have fun!