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Thursday, September 22, 2005

I've been tagged by Keohinani (Incomplete)

I got Keohinani
i don't actually know what the questions are, so I'll just guess from the answers.

ten years ago: i was 44. let's see...I had just moved to of all places, Kaohinani Drive! I was till working at my job as Family Practioner, but I was at the Mililani clinic. I was doing a lot more quilting and sewing back then. I made a lot of book covers, then a family of rabbits and finished a picture quilt and my Totoro Quilt. The Totoro quilt was a group effort. 8 of us met every 6 weeks and made squares for each other's quilts. We made a ninth block for our own quilt and finished it. It was a good introduction to applique and hand quilting.

five years ago: i was 49. i was now working in Kaneohe, just a twelve minute drive from my home. What a difference that made. I started back knitting again and bought an Incredible Sweater machine. I used it mostly for making Christmas stockings.

five snacks:
-dried fruits, especially cherries and blueberries. These are a no-no on the Weight Watchers diet, though :(
-frozen yogurt, okay,well really ice cream, but I'm trying to be good!
-nuts, especially cashews

five songs I know all the words to (boy that really dates me)
-Happy Birthday
-Star Spangled Banner
-Hawaii Ponoii (sp?)
-She Loves You
-She was Just 17

five things I would do with $100 million:
-buy yarn, and with that kind of money, I can buy yarn for everyone!
-sell my house buy 2-3 condos around the states and/or the world so i could live part time here and there
-help friends, family and worthy causes
-it was either Booze,Bags and Bread or Beads, Espresso and Yarn.

five places to run away to:
-New Zealand
-Whidbey Island
-The Mainland-there are so many places I haven't been-New York, Niagra Falls, Boston, North Carolina, Black Hills, Canada(okay I know it's not a state)

five things I would never wear:
-a thong, Hah!
-pointed high heels...who ever invented them should be shot!
-bikini-too many battle scars
-anything fitted.
-fur-I would die of the heat!

five favorite tv shows:
-Boston Legal

five biggest joys:
-visiting my sisters and old friends
-my sons
-crafting, and seeing one of my creations actually being used!
-shopping. I'll be doing web searches on Shopoholics Anonymous soon
-good food

favorite toys:
-my yarn winder
-Totoro and acorns
-my computer
-I love my poor neglected Bernina.

five people to pass this on to:
wow this is a tough one I can't do Chris or Keohinani.
I will update this soon


candsmom said...

Hey, you!! You're back!!! Good to see you online again!! How was your trip? OMG, I didn't know ANYONE else who watched Yoshitsune, so I was a total closet fan until now! LOVE it, LOVE Takizawa Hideaki, soo handsome, but *ahem* a little too young for me. Did you watch Shinsengumi, too? I bawled my eyes out for weeks on that one. Great to have you back!

Acornbud said...

Hi! I didn't watch Shinsengumi, but have watched many other NHK Taiga dramas. Takizawa Hedeaki is very cute (and the same age as my son, yikes!) I think he is a vocal artist as well.
I will post stuff about my really great trip after I recover from the jet lag! No place like home. For now I'm enjoying catching up on the blogs.