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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Waiting for Silk Garden, Contemplations of a Serial Knitter

While I'm waiting for my Silk Garden to come so I can complete Clapotis, I contemplate my next project. Do I wind those Lush skeins into balls in preparation for the Lace Cardigan? Which yarn should I use for my first sock...the Patons Denim or the Mango Unknown? What sock pattern should I use? Do I dig out the ancient but no forgotten UFO, lace shawl and start the dread edge?

Or should I work on something else. Tatting? The photo is some hankies I got while traveling. I simply adore tatting. It's really miniature macrame. After hours of knotting and in my case unknotting, the product is dainty and very tiny.

Or should I work on reducing my bead stash.

Or heaven forbid, should I clean my house!

1 comment:

candsmom said...

GOD FORBID you should clean your house!!! Hello, you're on VACATION!! Your tatting is beautiful. I don't think I would have the dexterity to work on something so dainty. You're such an experienced knitter...I say, go for the mango if it inspires you more than the denim. (Or vice-versa) But I also want to see that Lush knitted up, too....hmmm, I'm not helping, am I? :)