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Friday, September 23, 2005

Where do I get Beads in Hawaii?

I get beads lots of places. I buy old jewelry at the swap meet to recycle and my sisters also find stuff for me. I also buy beads from Ben Franklin and the Honolulu Craft Supply. I love Fusion Beads in Seattle and my friends and family indulge me when I travel. I got hooked on Isis lampworked beads at the Pike's Street Market years ago, too.

My favoritie places in Honolulu to buy beads, in no particular order are:
Bead It. The trunk shows and half off pearls, and also their half off crystals at the Best Bead show are really great for the basics such as findings and fillers.

Dac's Beads. Alethia Donathan makes very beautiful lampworked beads.

The Bead Gallery. Jamie and Jason are great teachers and have a wonderful, colorful, inspirational shop. I love their silver workshops.

Bella Beads. Karen and Brad are both great people and have wonderful classes like the flower wire bracelets. They have the best selection of angel parts and fruit beads. Their friends make wonderful finished jewery for purchase and for ogling.

The Best Bead Show. This show is coming up and is very dangerous for me to attend as I too often find semiprecious stones that I can't resist.

Global Village. This little shop in Kailua also attends the Best Bead Show and I've purchased nice findings from them as well as some cute beads.

The bottom line about beads is that no one place will have everything everytime and well that's just another excuse to shop often!

Creations By You
and Crystal A1.
These are two other places to go for beads.


candsmom said...

I'll have to pass on the info to my little sis. She got into beading this past summer. I'll act as an enabler for her addiction. :)

keohinani said...

have you ever tried creations by you in liliha? they've got an eclectic selection of beads, and lots of swarovski crystals! i'm into making those dangly cell phone charms (animals, temari balls, shapes, etc.) and i go there for stuff like that. they have beading tools and accessories, too.