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Friday, September 02, 2005

Yup, it's pink

Hurray, I'm on vacation now!

I managed to get the ole ISM waxed up and ready to knit. I've never used keyplate 4 before and the pink stuff actually knit up quite nicely. I measured my wingspan and it's only 36 for a 3/4 length sleeve. Hmmm, the pattern is long sleeve and 60 inches! Time to get out the ole calculator!

The swatch looks like pink camouflage. I'll be able to hide out in the Hello Kitty store and check out the cute containers and things.

1 comment:

candsmom said...

Yay for vacation!! And yay for the Sanrio store! Pink camouflage always helps; all the better for hiding out and sniping young'uns who give weird looks to their elders.:-) That yarn looks really good knitted up...much more pinkish than it looked in the skein. At the rate you're going, looks like you'll have something warm to take with you on vacation!